All Foxed Up

I am the mouse.

Earlier this week, I started reading The 4-Hour Work Week. Unfortunately, the principles don’t apply to me since I already have a four-hour work week. That sounds great until you realize that I actually have to be at work for 40 hours a week. That leaves me with a lot of free time to get in trouble on the Internet. For example, looking at a certain ex-boyfriend’s Twitter page where he is having a flirty conversation with some tramp, even though I know better than to go on his Twitter page in the first place. Whatever.

Can we talk about the giant fucking Mothra-sized cockroach that’s currently ensconced under my desk in a sticky trap? Yup. Keeping things classy here at HK’s workplace.

I was just reading notes I wrote in my “journal” when I was in Germany. I will share some of them with you. Below is a list I apparently made to remind myself of something to write about when I got back to my computer:

#1 – Why don’t they use blankets?

#2 – I forgot

#3 – Collagen?? I am turning into a corpse while still alive

#4 – The Germans have no idea what I’m talking about ever

#5 – I love Riesling!!!


And they only get better, but I won’t bore you to death. (And yes, I was inordinately excited about the fox. I mentioned it like four or five times.)

So, it’s 4:00. I will leave you now because it’s time for Judge Judy. At least I can do that at work.

Have a great weekend.


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